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           Hi there! My name is Cortney,

I live in Southern California and I’m a nail polish fanatic.

  People have asked me how I came up with the idea of

infusing crystals and gemstones into nail polish and the

answer is quite simple.
Personally speaking, I can be very indecisive about the color of my nails, especially when I pay someone to do it.  I hope I like it because I’ll be seeing a lot of that color for the next week or so.
  Before my nail polish idea was even a concept, I had some personal issues with toxic people in my life.  This led me to wearing a black tourmaline bracelet to help block the bad energy I was feeling.
  The bracelet was beautiful and it was a big help, but there were times that I would forget to put it on, or it just didn’t go with my outfit.  And then it hit me! One night, as I lay in bed, I decided to mix tourmaline crystals with the nail polish so the energy would be with wherever I go!
  After mixing 14 other crystals with 14 distinct colors, Roxx Polish was born.
Now, instead of randomly picking out just any color, choose the crystal that will help you through any problem or concern and we will propose the color you should be wearing.

Let Roxx be your prescription pad on choosing the best color suited for you!